Tips on Choosing Exterior Window Shutters


There are many ways of enhancing the beauty and functionality of both old and new homes, but probably one of the most efficient and cheapest ways to do it is purchasing exterior window shutters. Adding these useful items to your home, you will significantly improve its look from the outside and at the same time provide your home with the necessary protection from extreme weather conditions, light at night and even burglars.

Nowadays exterior window shutters are available in different sizes, colors, designs and shapes. These shutters can add much style and color to any home and offer an excellent finishing feel. However, before buying these home improvement fixtures, it's important to consider some things. Special attention should be paid to the quality of materials from which the product is made, as well as its durability. No one wants their home fixtures fall apart in a few weeks so be careful when making your choice.

Synthetic exterior window shutters are usually made from plastic and vinyl that makes them more inexpensive than other types of window shutters. These products can be found in almost all local home improvement stores. The look of these shutters feels like purely plastic. A significant feature of synthetic exterior window shutters is that they can't be stained or painted. Exterior shutters made of wood are more attractive in look and useful in use than their synthetic counterparts.

Speaking about the most efficient wood for producing exterior window shutters it is necessary to say that cedar is really worth your attention. It is more durable and is not supposed to decay because of extensive moisture. It contains natural oils that possess useful advantages - they both prevent moisture and repulse all possible sorts of insects. Besides, cedar doesn't require any special maintenance or cleaning. Due to this feature, this type of wood is widely used in producing different home improvement fixtures inside and outside including patio furniture, trellises, mud sills, fences, and siding. Cedar is very stable and can be painted.

Before installing an exterior window shutter, you will have to check up whether the exterior of your house has a complete finish. All of its parts should be well protected and covered by stain. It is a good idea to cover the exterior with a few coats of paint. It can be done with the help of a brush or the paint can be simply sprayed with a specially designed airless spray system.

Purchasing exterior window shutters, it's recommended to correctly choose the material, be it synthetic, wood, or wood composite. After that you will have to determine whether you want a plantation or a traditional style of these products. Then decide whether you want a stained or painted finish. It is also necessary to choose the method of panel configuration and pricing.

Now, when you're acquainted with the main rules of choosing exterior window shutters for your home, you can start shopping with confidence. There is no doubt that you will succeed. Good luck!