Replacing Garage Door Cables

The garage door cables usually are also called torsion springs. This may be confusing for many buyers, as the experts may refer to the component as a spring as well as a cable.

For explanation, it is not a spring until it is wound around the shaft. It is a cable before the winding is complete. So, you will probably say that both of the terms are considered to be correct.

Despite the fact that each cable is made of a sturdy steel wire, it is still possible to break it after a while. It is considered to believe that the average life expectancy of a cable varies between three and seven years. What is the main reason for such a variance and how can it be explained? It depends of number of times the doors are opened and closed. This also can explain the fact that some homeowners open or close a door only when it iscompletely necessary.

In a case of breakage one cable, be ready to expect the other to break in a short period of time. This automatically is the reason of purchasing them in pairs. It makes sense to replace both of them at the same time, but it can be boring but dangerous.

This task belongs to the dangerous as the springs are under high tension. In a case you are not informed how to work with tools, it is better to call a professional who will surely help you.

When the springs break, they may be dangerous too. Usually the breakage happens more often during the closing operation rather than the opening ones. It is important that nobody is inside, otherwise, there is a risk that the loose piece of cable will hit them. Sometimes even the safety mechanisms are installed by some manufacturers so that to prevent an accident.

For those who decide to replace the garage door cables themselves without anybodys help, remember about measuring the existing cable. 7 and 8 feet is considered to be the most common length of the cable. It is possible that the older style as well as defunct manufacturer might have supplied something that differs from the common length.

Measuring the broken cable is a difficult task if not impossible. If you want to order the cable but do not know its length, do not hesitate to contact the original manufacturer. Being in business, they will surely give you further information. There is one more way to get the information on the Internet.

Before installing the new cable, it is necessary to remove the existing spring. Special tools are designed spesifically for this purpose. The job involves cutting the spring or unwinding it.

In a case the old springs are off of the shaft, it is important to wind the new garage door cables around it. This can be performed with the help of winding cone. Be sure the cable is wound in the correct direction. In other case, the springs will come loose from the cones.

You should check whether the bars are fully inserted. If they are not, the winding bars can slip out ofthe cones. There are many professionals who can replace the springs in no time at all. Sometimes still everyone may have trouble with them.

Ususally the process of stretching springs after the winding is complete is characteristic to most of the professional experts. They do it to ensure that the shaft floats freely. It is also necessary to stretch as well as to test the springs to be sure that the installation was done correctly.

Your doors will not close completely in a case the springs bind or catch.It may be still necessary to call a prfessional for help even after you have done your best with the new garage door cables. Do not be ashamed of calling someone who knows better how to install the door correct. More half of us needs an expert.