Landseer Temperament and Lifespan

Dogs cannot stand loneliness, so they always strive to accompany their owners. It is an excellent companion dog, which is not suitable for the role of watchdog, but it is easy to become a pet. They are also often used as rescuers. It is bold, courageous and good-natured dog, feeding the incredible love of the water.

The basic qualities of this breed - the unconditional devotion to the master, kindness to others, if people or animals, and reverent attitude to children. Landseer is peaceful, smart and balanced, however, it require greater attention and do not suffer alone. These active dogs get great pleasure from the games, travel and long walks. The lifespan is about 10-12 years.

How Much Does a Landseer Cost and Price Range

You can find the price of $400 - $1000. It differs depending on the dog's quality as well as the breeder and his location as the price may be higher for the breed and show quality puppies.

Landseer Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

Externally, the dogs of this breed are very similar to Newfoundland, but unlike these dogs they are not as heavy and overweight, they have longer legs and apparently they are more like sporting dogs. If you need a large, strong and beautiful dog - the best friend you will not find. Indeed, despite the huge size, these dogs look elegant and harmonious, and good nature, calm and balanced character with honor let them get out of any situation.

Weight of dogs of this breed is 50-70 kg. With regard to the height at the withers, it is 67-72 cm for females and 72-80 cm for males. Massive and broad head is covered with a thin and short hair. It has dark brown or brown, medium-sized eyes, triangular shaped, closely set, medium-sized ears which are covered with short and fine hair. The dog has powerful body, muscular neck, broad and deep chest, elastic rib, strong, broad and straight back and strong, muscular limbs and rounded paws. Color of the breed should be pure white, with small black spots on the rump and housing. The hair on the tail, legs, under the belly, on the shoulder blades and neck must be white. The wool is thick, thin, smooth and long.

Landseer Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

Landseer is easily trainable, and with these dogs it is very pleasant to deal with. In addition, many of the skills they are natural: the host support, child care, life-saving skills. It is not necessary to treat them with excessive rigor - it is useless, pet will be glad to please the master. However, to raise the security guard or guard dog of this breed is difficult. They are friendly and helpful. It is better to start training them since 4 - 5 months, but they need to accustom to the order from the moment the puppy has appeared in the house.