How to Go About Finding the Right Door Handle? - Just Read On:

If you have never been engaged in this exciting and - sometimes - rather lengthy process of choosing new door handles you might be surprised by the article's title. Nothing seems to be simpler than choosing a door handle if you need to replace the old one or you have a new door. But believe me - this process is not as simple as it may sound to you. The problem is that you cannot even start to realize the extent of options you will have to choose from before you can find the perfect match for your individual door. There are scores and scores of choices you will be faced with if you try some Internet search or visit your nearest DIY hypermarket.

So, as you see, before you are in position to make a correct and justified choice you should consider several basic issues related to the choice of the right door handle for your personal door.

The first thing you should realize is the fact that a door handle is not a trifle, it is an important, or, we can even say, an essential feature of the overall design concept of your home or office. Surely, a door handle can be viewed from a more utilitarian, purely functional point, but this aspect is very simple to understand - a door handle has an obvious function, it is used for opening or shutting a door closed. Here we are going to consider a door handle from another important point, since beside their practical uses correctly chosen door handles immediately influence the look and feel of the interior under consideration, adding something important to it and creating a great esthetical effect or, on the contrary, ruining the general effect you wanted to achieve, after all, source The same is true for any possible type of living or business premises, such as kitchens or bedrooms, bathrooms or living and dining areas. Just imagine a room with doors and without door handles at all - such room would produce stark and depressing impression of incompleteness and imperfection. On the other hand, the overall design of any type of premises would be perfectly crowned by a perfectly selected door handle or handles, knob, latch - whatever. In modern home design concept a door handle long ago became a fashion statement; a door handle long ago ceased to be a purely functional device, now it is an important element of the over-all look and design.

Generally speaking, all door handles, knobs, latches and so could be divided into several types and categories, such as internal and external handles, designer or classic ones, contemporary or traditional handles, fancy door handles (for children rooms, for instance) etc. They can be also divided in groups regarding the materials they are made of and the type of finishing applied.

External and internal door handles

In general, if we take a broader look at the whole collection of all existing door handle types, we will see at once that the largest sub-collections into which it could be divided are external (outdoor) handles and indoor (interior) door handles.

The utilization segment for exterior handles is, as a rule, limited by main entrances to which such types of doors as a front door, a back door, a side door or a service door belong. It will not be too difficult to understand that the utilization segment of internal handles is quite opposite to that of exterior ones - internal handles are aimed for all kinds of doors inside the premises, for instance kitchen doors, cabinet doors and toilet doors.

What should be emphasized is the fact that lever-type door handles and external latches are now considered the most functional and most reliable types of external door handles. High functionality and ease of operation combined with sturdy engineering and overall durability and reliability have made those two kinds of external door handles the most popular ones nowadays.

What If One Should Choose Between Contemporary and Traditional Door Handles, Designer Ones or Classic Type of Door Handles?

The current trend is openly in favor of contemporary style door handles, which is surely determined by highly dynamic and constantly changing modern-day business and cultural environments. The predominating majority of people nowadays give their preference to equipping their doors, whatever the intended functional purpose could be, with contemporary style handles. Normally such handles utilize bright and attracting chrome finish combined with straight, streamlined and most up-to-date lines of the design.

On the other hand, still there is a considerable community of those that demonstrate open tendency towards classic-looking handles and door-knobs. Opposite to the modern examples of design such handles usually boast of polished antique brass finish, more curvy than straight design lines and motifs as well as usage of a back plate against which classic and traditional handles are normally mounted.

The choice depends totally upon your preferences and the overall design style of doors and premises where the handle is to be used. After doing some on-line research you will surely discover scores of sites offering all styles and types of door handles: designer or classic style door levers, handles and latches of various materials and finish, mounted on all styles of back-plates and roses (round, square, oval), made of stainless steel, porcelain, aluminum, brass - you just name it! Just to illustrate, take one category just by chance, for instance, black antique door handles or aluminum door handles. And inside those just two randomly selected categories you will be surprised to find a vast array of handles. No doubt, you will have a multitude of options to choose from

What Are The Most Common And Popular Varieties Of Materials Used For Production Of Door Handles?

There are four most common types of materials used for production of door handles. These materials are cast brass, aluminum alloy and stainless steel metal sheet and, of course, wood.

Normally all the cast brass door handles, whatever their type and function, are finished. The type of finish depends on the design style and function - for instance, the door handle might have copper finish, it might be plated with nickel or chrome. Many design styles require beautiful satin finish or antique finish.

Contemporary, more up-to-date sheet aluminum alloy handles are nowadays very popular in such finishes as matt, dyed, satin bright or natural. The stove enameled finish as well as the various types of oxidizing are usually applied to metal sheet. Black finish is also popular in this segment.

As for the wooden door handles, the most popular and attractive style of their finishing involves intricate and ornate carvings on the base plate. It goes without saying that the wooden handles are predominantly found among classic and antique types. Still their popularity is inferior to that of metal and brass handles, which are considered by the majority of users - and justly so - to be more permanent and lasting in use.

When selecting the type of a door handle, a latch or a knob, consider the agreement of its design, material and finishing with the design, material and finishing of the particular door as well as the overall interior design style.

The last but far from being the least is the question of the door handles cleaning. Why is it so? The answer is quite simple. The correct procedure of door handles cleaning totally depends on the material and finishing of the door handle in question. Door handles of different styles and materials require special, individual approach to their cleaning to make their fine looks as lasting as possible. For instance, metal polishes should not be used on chrome plated surfaces; it may lead to their damage. It would be ideal to clean such surface with warm water and then dry with a microfiber duster - as simple as that. On the contrary, brass surfaces should be cleaned with special polish or aerosol, which is suitable for their type. The information on cleaning door handles is freely available from the vendors of the product or included into the information on the packaging, so it should not be a problem at all to find out which cleaning method would be the best and to follow it.